Tuesday, March 22, 2011

There's snakes in my tamater patch!!!


Welcome to my Dubai based container vegetable gardening blog.  As you see I have a snake in my tamater patch.  This one is a particularly nasty one - it is Corbrais Latexus Serpentem!!!  Or the more common name is Rubber Cobra Snake! :-)  He is not alone -  he has buddies.

Here are his bubbies:

And then there is the highly poisonious "Black Diamond Gecko"

They are even in my seedlings:

A big thanks to Carol who made the susgestion just lately in my Varmints posting as a way to keep the Bulbul's out of my tamaters.  And then today while I was at the American University of Sharjah a follower - Amanda (abheintz) - susgested the same when I saw her so I headed out to Hyper Panda where I found the small snake and lizard then to Toys-R-Us for the larger ones both at Dubai Festival City.

So, let's see what happens.  I still have a few big Better Boys trying to ripen and I did not want the Bulbuls getting to them.  So, let's just say it's Bulbuls - 1 / Bubba - 1 at this point.

Does anybody else have any other susgestions to keep the Varmints out of our vegetable gardens?  Just leave them in the comment box below.

Thanks for stopping in.

Take Care!


PS:  If you decide to go with this method of varmint control you might want to tell your spouse about it ...... or not. ;-)


  1. My friend Carol is full of ideas

  2. They do add a sense of drama to the tomato patch! You asked for some suggestions for your cherry tomatoes. For homegrown fruits I think simplest is best and can't imagine anything nicer than a tomato salad made with some basil leaves, a few thin slices of onion (soaked in cold water and dried) drizzled with e v olive oil, a bit of balsamic and some sea salt. You could make a pasta salad with a similar dressing, torn up mozzarella (the proper stuff) black olives and basil. Or click on my link below for some stove-dried tiny tart tatins. Thanks for all the tomater advice - we are harvesting well at the mo.