Sunday, March 20, 2011



Welcome to my Dubai based vegatable gardening blog.  I hope you can take the time to view some of my previous blogs.   Make yourself  at home!

A photography blog I follow the Strobist will every once in a while do a Question & Answer (Q&A) blog.  He collects questions from comments made and/or emails he gets and does his best to answer those questions that he feels will be of interest to his readers.   So, ripping off David Hobby's idea - I would like to do the same.  You might even notice that I model the layout of my blog after his.

So, don't be shy about posting a question in the comment box to be found below each blog.  You just might ask where to buy something in Dubai or your region, when to plant, what fertiziler to use, something that others are wondering about also or  has the same problem.  Hopefully someone else can answer better than me in the comment box of the Q&A blog.  As I said in one of my earlier blogs - "there are no dumb questions just dumb answers".  I hope my answers will not be too dumb!:-)

If you had tried to post a comment or question in the past and it would not allow it  - my deepest apologies!   It is because dumb dumb here who did not set up his blog correctly.  But , now it is set up so that anyone can now make comments - after any blog at any time.  So, you can make a comment on this blog or go back to the first blog and make a comment and I will get it. 

Thanks for stopping.

Take Care!


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