Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bulbuls-2 / Bubba-0


Well, it's official - Bulbuls are smarter than pigeons!   Sorry, Carol & Amanda but the snake thing did not work for me with the Bulbuls.  They were not more than 30cm away from one of the rubber snakes having a Bulbul Buffet on my few remaing cherry tamaters!!!  It might be scaring other birds but the other birds are not feasting themselves on my tamaters.  So, I guess I was premature in giving myself points. 

I was even changing the postions of the snakes whenever I would walk by so as to fool them.  But, who is the fool now!  I learned more today - Bulbuls are Pakistani - well at least that's what the Pakistani guys said who were laying down some interlocking at the house today.  They had a good laugh about my snakes!  I'm glad somebody found some humor over the outcome! :-( 

Take Care!


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