Friday, March 4, 2011

Wecome to my Vegetable Patch!

Howdy to all,

Just wanted to invite y'all to my vegetable patch - I quess I can not really call it a garden as my plants are in containers and scattered around the yard.   Much to the annoyance of my most patience wife,  I have placed them where they could get the most sunlight - sometimes blocking the light to her flowers, taking up space on the clothes line and hanging in the doorway of the laundry room.   Next year I have been giving permission to move it to the roof as long as I do not carry the water up the stairs as it appears to be a bit rickety - a bit like me!

It all started at the back of the house on top of a particleboard storage unit that was against a wall and under a section of the clothes line.  But after a couple of years of weathering and one growing season it collapsed so I built another work table in it's place made from metal and plywood.  Yeah, I know the plywood will one day fall apart also but since it is bolted in place - it can be replaced easily.  

Last year I had my tamater plants on the work table and installed a support system for them on the wall which worked fine because they did not really do well and never got that big.

Not the case this year - the plants out grew the old support system earlier on and I needed to tie them to the clothes line and to the wall.  

This is earlier this year at  the workbench:

And this is at  the workbench as of  Feb. 22, 2011:

At the east side of the house:

And the front of the house:

Tamater??    What's that?   The Brits call them tomatoes (you have to come up with your own sound effects) and some of my fellow Americans call them tomatoes (again imagime it)  but where I come from we call them tamaters!  I realise that I have been calling them tomatoes in earlier postings but it was for my international visitors - I didn't want to confuse things too much at first.  So, for the correct pronunication of "Tamater" please  listem to Tow Mater:

This year I planted four different types of Cherry Tamaters: Sweet 100's, Sugar Sweeties, Gardener's Delight and Juliet Hybrid.

I also planted some normal tamaters.  In a panic, because I thought I planted my tamater seeds late, I bought a couple of tamater plants at a shop in Satwa - all I could get out of him were that they are local tomaters.   I also planted a Better Boy.  They are getting biggger then I thought they would be.

I also planted five different peppers: Yellow, Red, Orange and Green Bell Peppers and Italian Marconi Golden.  Here is some more info on all different types of Bell Peppers.

And two types of summer squash:  Early Yellow Crookneck and Gold Rush Hybrid.

I have just done a second planting last week.  I planted okra, squash, watermelon, cantaloupe  and a bunch more peppers.  More on that soon! 

That's a quick tour of  my garden patch and what I planted this year.   I am still looking for the pictures I took of the squashes in 2010 but no luck yet.  Future post will focus on the different things I planted and the results.  Thanks for stopping in and having a look at the blog.  As always you are welcome to post comments below.

Take care and hope you stop by again.



  1. hey , im new to gardening and this blog is exactly what i was looking for. i just wanted to know from where did u get the tamater seeds? which shop exactly did you get the tamater plant from? there are many many shops at satwa plant street, do you happen to remember which shop its from? please guide me.

    thanks , and keeping up the great posting:)

    1. Hi Divya,

      Thanks for checking out the blog. My son in the States sent me my cherry tamater seeds as most of the tamater seeds available a couple of years were mostly regular type tamaters. You can find seeds for most vegetables in Dubai at plant/garden shops and supermarkets (Hyper Panda & Carrefour). The plant/garden shop I use in Satwa is Al Madina Garden ... ask for Rafi and mention "Bubba" sent you ... hopefully it will be more helpful raher than just as a walk-in. I was there picking up a couple of bags of potting soil and he has some tamaters plants (Dhs. 2.00) but not many so hurry down there. They looked a bit lanky so remove the bottom leaves and plant them deep. I would not suggest planting seeds now as it is cool and it can take around 65-75 days before you can pick any tamaters. Good Luck! Bubba