Thursday, March 17, 2011

What's Being Green?


Welcome to my Dubai based blog about container vegetable gardening.

What is it to be GREEN?  Is it living at the Greens or Greens Community in Dubai?  Is it planting trees and bushes to green up our brown, dusty, hazy environment?   Maybe it's driving an electric or hyrid car?  Is it joining a political Green Party of your country?   Maybe it's joining up with Greenpeace?   Maybe it's celebrating St. Patrick's Day in style.  Maybe it's going out into the forest and hugging a tree?  Maybe it is not using plastic shopping bags?  Maybe it is recycling?  Maybe it's changing to low watt light bulbs?  Or maybe it is just

tending to your vegetable garden for 3 hours!

Just a little humor for the day. 

I am getting feedback from some friends that when they sign up to be a follower nothing happens or they can see themselves as a follower but I do not see them.  At present I can only see two folowers but more have signed up but I do not see them.  As I am very new to this blogging thing I am not sure what the problem is yet but will be looking into it.  If antbody with some experience with this problem could tell us what the problem is in the comment box below it would be very much appreicated.  If you are also having problems signing up as a follower you can drop me a line at

As always you are most welcome to make comments on any of the post - past, present and future.  If I think the comment needs to be answered in more detail I could make a blog for all to benefit from your susgestion or question.

Thanks for stopping by.

Take Care!


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