Monday, March 21, 2011

Let your Internet do the walking!


Welcome to my Dubai based hobbyist vegetable gardening blog.

Remember, the old Yellow Pages saying "Let your fingers do the walking"?  Well, Google Blogger has added a new gadget to their arsenal of gadgets to add to a blog.  This new one is called "Following by email" - it is designed so that if you are interested in what I have to blog about you can submit your email address and they will send you a notice that a new blog has been posted.  Pretty neat I think - so now you do not have to waste time going to a blog and discovering there is nothing new to read.   I would of thought that the "Followers" would had been designed with that built in but no.  So, if you are interested look over to the right and you will see just under Followers - Follow by Email.  Just write in your email address and follow their instructions.  I tested it on myself and I did get a notice but it came by snail mail - I only found the notice the next morning (15 hours later)  - maybe they still have a few bugs to iron out.  That reminds me - one of the gadgets I added is called "Profile" but I do not see it anywhere on the blog - does anybody else see it?

Take Care!


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