Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bubba got a bit of radio time on Dubai Eye!

I was luckly enough to get a bit of air time on Dubai Eye FM 103.8 here in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on Tuesday, March 15, 2011.  I was on the show "Dubai Today" hosted by the wonderful Ms. Jessica Swann (who unfortunately will be going back to her native Australia on March 24th for good) and her co-host for Techno Tuesdays - Mr. Alexander McNabb.   I thought we were going to talk about blogging - being it was a Techno show that day - but once they tasted some of the cherry tamaters I brought to the studio - we talked mostly about my gardening.  You can listen to a podcast of the show here.  Then scroll down to the last section where it mentions Bubba Tamatas and click on it.  It is a 20 minute clip.

A big Oopps and apoloizes for those that may have wanted to make a comment in the past but could not.  I believe I had my settings set incorrectly and have now changed them so anyone can make a comment - not just registered members. Really sorry, the settings for this blogging thing get's more complicated as you dig around.

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