Sunday, March 20, 2011

The AGRAme comes to town.


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The AGRAME ( )  is coming to town between March 29-31 at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre.  It is an agricultural exhibition showcasing five different sectors:
  • Agri Business
  • Poltry & Livestock
  • Agricultural Machinery & Supplies
  • Fish & Aquaculture
There will also be seminars during the three day event that are free of charge - click here for details of the seminars.

I attended last year when it was held at the Airport Expo.  It was a small trade exhibition but still it had interesting things to see.  For example, Mirak had a small working hydrophonic strawberry growing  kit set up.  Another gentlemen had another small hyrophonic example set up where the pots were stacked 6-8 high and plants added with the irrigation feeding at the top going thru the pots and again the water being recyled through the growing medium in the pots.  HOWEVER, you can not buy these items (or you could not last time) as the exhibitors are here looking for agents/companies to sell & represent their products here in the UAE and other Gulf States.  BUT, it was still interesting to see some of the things exhibited.  The different sectors are situated  together at the exhibition - meaning  they are not all mixed up making it hard to find the particluar sector you want to see.  ALSO, you can sometimes get free samples of some of the products being shown!!! 

So, if you are a bit interested in agriculture or not but still interested in Flower & Garden try to find so time to head down to the exhibition.  Pre-Registar online and save yourself  some time checking in.  Here is the logo for the show.

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