Sunday, February 20, 2011

Varmits!!! Cont.


Well it's at it again!  It got another tomato and wipe out my entire bell pepper crop - all two of them!!!  I have however noticed it knows the difference between sweet and chili peppers - hasn't touch the chili peppers of course!

The varmint has been identified!

Thanks to the help of Dr. Reza Khan at the Dubai Zoo - "Your bird is a White-Eared Bulbul - a species that has been introduced and expanded it's natural range from Kuwait through Saudi Arabia. Yes, it and the Red-Vented Bulbul will eat fresh garden produce and almost all the fruit and berries that you may grow in your garden. It is difficult to eradicate these, mynas and parakeets that all have been introduced into the country in the past decade."              

Well, it is not only the White Eared Bulbul but now some of his cousins the Red Vented Bulbul (head is all black color) as well now.   There must be a half dozen of them feasting on my tomatoes and peppers.   I saw one the other day in the tree with a whole cherry tomato in his beak! 

Ok, so maybe the sniper rifle I posted in the previous blog to help control my varmint problem was a bit over kill - the 50. cal shell I suspect cost a lot.  And now I have to worry about it's cousin the Red-Vented Bulbul, Mynas and Parakeets also!!!   So, as an alternative does anybody know where I can borrow one of these for the weekend?

So, as it stands today it's -  BulBul 1 / Bubba 0 

Thanks for stopping by.  Take care.


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