Wednesday, February 16, 2011


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What are Varmints you ask?   Varmints are unwanted critters that are doing something you can't abide too!   I got one that was a eat'en my pepper seedlings till I came up with a solution and now it's a eat'en my vegetables!!!  At first it was a eat'en my wife's petunias seedling's (I'd seen with my own eyes) so she found on the Internet a site that suggested put'in aluminum foil on sticks and put'in that next to the plants because varmints do not like shinning things.  Well, this varmint after a week or so got use to it and I swear I saw it admiring it's reflection in the foil while munch'in on her petunias seedlings!!!   Then it decided to make a meal out of my pepper seedlings just after they came shooting out the dirt.  So what did I do?

I came up with this solution for protecting my seedlings until they get big enough to transplant.

Then the Varmints started eat'en the seedlings after I transplanted them so I had to come up with another solution!

And so, now it's stared to eat'en my peppers and tomatoes!!!

What kind of mean, onrery, lower than a snake's belly critter is responsible for such vile and despicable conduct?   This featherd foe!!!

Does anybody know the name of this varmint?  Does anybody know where I can borrow one of these for the weekend?

Thanks for stopping by.  If you have any other options on varmit control you would like to share please do so in the comments box.  Hopefully it comes in before I can git my hands on the above varmit control device. Hopefully it comes with infra-red so I can git them when their a sleeping!

Here is a short video on varmit control -

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  1. Ha ha ha I sympathise totally. It's a yellow-vented bulbul. I cleared the pigeons from my seedbeds with plastic snakes, but I don't know if Bulbuls are that stoopid. Good luck.

  2. Hi Carol, thanks for the great snake idea - it might even keep my Mrs. Bubba out of my section of the garden - she enjoys picking the tamaters more than me sometimes! A friend the other day said he hangs plastic bags on his stakes so they blow around when ever there is a breeze. Another idea I had was those little windmill things we had as kids. I will need to look around on the internet to see if there is a way to make them because I do not see them anywhere here in town.

  3. Pieces of kitchen foil tied to a piece of string attached to a stick also work.

  4. Thanks for the tip. We tried larger pieces on sticks for Mrs. Bubba's newly planted baby petunas and that worked for a while. I'll give your suggestion a try for my next planting.