Thursday, January 19, 2012

Container Gardening


Welcome to my Dubai based container vegetable gardening blog.

I recently recieved a comment from a reader name Sandra.  She was asking if I had anymore information about container gardening other than what I have posted already.  More importantly she also share a website with such information. 

She provided a link to this vegetable gardening website.  I have watched many of her videos in the past on You Tube and have used some of them in some of my blogs.  She has alot of information on many things about growing vegetables and herbs ... an excellent website!

When I was preparing a past blog about some information on container gardening I came across a video from a lady that was saying you can use anything as a container as long as you punch a few holes in it for drainage ... one of her suggestions was even an old shoe/boot!  I don't think I would want to use one of my old boots because if there is any chance the vegetable could taste anything like it smells nobody is going to eat it!!!

Here are some videos with some more information.  The first one he is not planting vegetables but he shows us what to do if you are using a large pot for small plants such as herbs.

Here is video on planning a container garden.  Remember her growing seasons are different than ours.

Here is another guick video about containers themselves.  I have tried the cocofibre hanging pots and I have to say that I never like them.  First they leak water everwhere so they are messy and I think they wick water away from the soil especially if it is windy ... just my two cents.

Hope these videos are of some help.  They perhaps bring up a few other questions for some of you.  Should it be clay, plastic, fibreglass ... I say whatever you can live with and what you think looks good to you ... it your vegetable garden.  It was a big battle but I managed to plant my squash plants in a very big discarded ice chest. You noticed I said "battle" - Mrs. Bubba usually wins the "War".

Just to review what I thought was important:
  • Drainage is important!  But, I think it should be controled somehow otherwise we are just wasting water which is a very precious commodity in todays world.
  • Match you pot and pot size to what you are thinking of planting ... it could save you $$$ on potting soil.
  • The bigger the container the more soil, water and weight.  If you want to move it later ... good luck!!!
Thanks for stopping by!  If you have any information you would like to share with others or have some questions please feel free to leave a comment.


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