Friday, January 20, 2012

Quick Tip #3 - Labeling


Welcome to my Dubai based vegetable container gardening blog.

Today I planted some pepper seeds that had not germinated since late Oct. 2011(more on this later).  So, I decided instead of throwing them away I would plant several of them in small peat pots and see what happens when the temperature warms up.  As they will be in with other plants that will need watering it is not much extra effort.

As I was putting the seeds into the pots ... I thought I could remember which seeds I put into which pots ... WRONG!!!  Of the 9 pots I planted there where two that were moved around and I could not remember which was which ... so I had to guess.  No big deal as I will be very surprize if any come up but just in case they do I would be nice to know who is who.  So, make your labels BEFORE planting seeds and then you can stick it in right-a-way and not afterwards ... guessing!  A couple of years ago I did not see these plastic labels around but they seem to be everywhere now.

Use a waterproof marker of course!

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