Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Are you suffering from BER???


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Are you suffering from BER?  If so, you need to increase your intake of calcium.

For the past couple of days I noticed the first tamater turning red.  This morning I decided to pick it and show it off to Mrs. Bubba with pride.  Well, the pride was very short lived as when I turn it over and saw it had BER - Blossom End Rot.

So, I went to the www for info and discovered it is basically a lack of intake of calcium by the fruit due to irregular watering.  But, there are other causes and here is a link to Tomato Dirt  (a good source with a whole lot of info about tamaters) and what they say about BER.  The good news is it is not a disease or caused by an insect ( fungicides & insecticides are useless ) but rather a physiological problem that can be managed.  Be sure to read the info on the link as it is comprehensive.

I hope this was of help and that not many of you have this problem.  Note:  BER can also occur on peppers, eggplants, squash and watermelon.

Since we are on the topic of Tamaters  - why not something from Tow Mater!

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