Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Administrative Blog #1


Welcome to my Dubai based container vegetable gardening blog.  Just a quick note - I have added a new archive to the blog.  It is called Archive by Topic. You can find it on the right side of the blog with the other listings.  When I set up the blog it started an archive by date which is fine I guess ( I still kept it ) but if someone wanted to read blogs I have written about a certain topic they would have to go through the whole blog to find it.  So, this new archive I hope will be more useful for those of you only interested in say - Tamaters or Peppers.

I meet up with Billy Bob last evening and he asked me why did I republished my old blogs?  Huh, what do you mean, I asked?  Apparently, when I was going through my old blogs adding labels to them so they would archive by topic I must have done saved them wrong and they were republished!  I apologize to past readers for this and welcome new readers to check them out - I reckon we can call this Ying & Yang!  It looks normal on by computer but perhaps it depends on the browser you use - I use Mirosoft Internet Explorer.

Thanks for stopping by.  Got more to blog about just trying to find the time - this two finger pecking on the keyboard is slowing me down! :-)

A big thanks goes out to Dale for researching the info on how to set up this archive.


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