Monday, January 2, 2012

Quick Tip #2 - Pepper Pinching


Happy New Year and welcome to my Dubai based container vegetable gardening blog.  I came across something today I wanted to share now as some of you may be doing the same as me. 

If you are letting your pepper plants flower to soon then you could be stressing the plant of nutrients and growth.   As the plant is now concentrating on making peppers instead of establishing itself as a heathly plant then you could find smaller yields and fruit size.

I am guilty of this as I just transplanted some pepper plants I bought in the market a couple of weeks ago.  Yeah, I was most likely suckered again and bought them anyway (but I have Mrs. Bubba as a witness to the size of fruit I can expect) - this time at the Friday Market near Masafi.  Anyway, I noticed during the time they were waiting for me to replant them they were making flowers but I keep removing them because the pot they were in was small and I felt it was not right for them to start flowering.  So, when it came time to replant them there were a few flowers on them and I left them on the plant as the pot I planted then in was much larger.  My thought was that I will get fruit sooner than later.  Apparently this is not a good idea as the gentlmen in the video explains.

I would imagine this holds ture for tamaters as well - at least that is what I did with my tamaters when they were making flowers before replanting them. Also, if you think about it - if your plant is not strong enough to hold up a half dozen bell peppers what are you going to do if you have more fruit?

Hope this was helpful.  Got to go pinch some peppers!!!

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