Friday, December 16, 2011

A General Guide to Container Vegetable Gardening


Welcome to my Dubai based container vegetable gardening blog.

I was hunting some info on the www last night and came across some information from my old alma mater Texas A&M University/College Station about container gardening.  I graduated in 1979 with a BS in Agriculture Economics - Farm & Ranch Management.  It's not my profession today but it is something that is imbeded in me and thus I guest I am doing the home gardening thing now.  Had big plans for it but coming to different forks in the road in my lifetime I diverted from it.  Enough on me.
The A&M in Texas A&M University is Agriculture & Mechanical.  When it started out it was basically an Agricultural and Enginneering College.   If you would like to know more about Texas A&M University (TAMU) click on this link - .

Back to the Container gardening subject - as I said I was crusing the www and found a little something put out by TAMU about container gardening at home.  Of course it might be slanted a bit to Texan residents but it is still full of good general information for anyone thinking of what they can do at home about growing some vegetable in a limited space.  Please click on this link for the info -

TAMU is famous for college American Football.  Part of the halftime activities is the famous "Fightin Texas Aggie Band.  Here is a video of them in action -

Hope the info was useful. And thanks for stopping by!

Gig'em Aggies



  1. Nice post. Thanks for sharing this information. If anyone wont's some more information about it go to Container Gardening.

  2. Hi Sandra,

    Thanks for the comment. I checked out the link and saw Patti Mareno "The Garden Girl" who's video I have watched about irrigating and perhaps posted one or two of her videos on my past blogs. Her website is a good one to check out as well



  3. Howdy,

    Fellow Ag in Dubai here from the fightin' Texas Aggie class of 2007! I was so happy to see a gardening blog in Dubai and just love the fact that it's an Aggie behind it! So happy to come across your blog as I have just moved here and looking for some solid advice on what/when to plant some veggies on my balcony.

    On another note, would you happen to know of an Aggie club here in Dubai?

    Thanks and Gig 'em,