Friday, December 16, 2011



Welcome to my Dubai based container vegetable gardening blog.

I have started planting onions sets.............  Onion sets?

These are onion sets.

I had bought some onion seeds (which I have not yet planted) and checked out You Tube for some help on planting them and came across this guy talking about planting onions and onion sets.  As this is all new to me I found it a bit interesting as he covers pretty much everything in his two videos.


You may have noticed in the second video he has no problem man-handling the young seedlings.  I always thought that if you damage the small root hairs on seedlings that the plant will die after the transplanting.  But, he seems to have no problem with bashing the roots around and confident that they will grow.

As luck would have it I was in a supermarket the other day and noticed some small onions sets off to the side and bought them. But you also might have noticed that some of them already have green shoots coming out of them.  The dude in the video never said anything about them having or not having sprouts coming out of them - he just mentioned the size they should be - so I bought some of them.  I have planted some of the green shoot ones in parts of Mrs. Bubba's garden - I guess she will find them soon enough and I'll hear about it pretty darn quick.  I planted some in containers as well.

Dec. 14, 2011

I started this blog sometime in the past week/10 days when I planted some of the onion sets.  I am happy to say the ones I planted in pots are looking good as they were watered more frequently.  The green shoots coming out of the onion sets are really growing.  However,  I am not yet sure if any roots have developed yet or if they are absorbing the water through the onion set itself at the moment.  I figured that when I found them in the store with small green shoots starting to show that they were already sucking whatever liquid was in the small onion trying to grow again. 

The ones planted elsewhere around Ms. Bubba's garden are ok but could be better perhaps if I had watered them more. I gave them some water soluble fertizilier the other day to see it it might help.

Next week I will have to open up one of the small pots with the sets to see if any roots have developed yet.  Well, it not quite next week but I planted my summer squash yesterday and had a bit of space along the corners on the container and planted some of the onion sets you see above in smal plastic pots. Happy to say there were roots starting so hopefully they make onions and not just go straight to seed. 

More about the squash planting soon.
Our entertainment today is the Muppet's Swedish Chef making a salad and brussels sprouts.

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  1. Are you sure when MS Bubba finds your onions in her beautiful flower garden, you and your onions will be kicked to the curb!

  2. Dear Brian "Billy Bob" Thomas,

    As long as my beauitful onions do not compete too much with her ugly flowers then I should be alright ... otherwise I might have to stay at your place. So, if you do not want me cooking chili at your place again then I susgest you say nothing to her on your visit to the house on the 23rd!!!