Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Varmints Return!!!


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Regular readers will know of my ongoing battle with a particluar varmint - the Bulbuls!!!  I guess I am incorrect in saying that they have returned - they never really left - I just haven't had any vegetables growing for the past six months for them to feast upon!  I can always hear them talking to each other whenever I appear in the yard - perhaps their early warning system.  Approximately 3-4 families have been multiplying in my neighbour's rather thick neem tree.  And they are extremely happy over there because they can come over to my place - have breakfast, lunch, dinner and between meals snacks anytime I am not around discouraging them and then fly back to safe haven next door.  I just transfered my pepper plant to the back of the house 2 days ago and yesterday morning found that they have already started snacking on the few small fruits desperately trying to mature!!!  Well, I have a new secret weapon that I am hoping will permantly elimate my Bulbul problem!!!

Mickey Mouse to the rescue!!!  One of my friends, Brian "Billy Bob" Thomas gave this to me for my birthday in April as a bird deterrent and have decided to put it to use.  It looks the business!  But only one problem I have come across so far - if there is no wind not much happens - so tell me Billy Bob does this mean I need to have a fan blowing on it all day when the wind stops to do detering?!?

As proof of their destructive powers here is a video on You Tube of a Bulbul enjoying a Guava -

Anybody else have any ideas on solving my Bulbul problems???

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