Monday, November 14, 2011


Howdy, welcome to my blog. 

Been away for a couple of weeks and returned to find the few plants I had planted before leaving are still alive and doing well.  They were watered properly this time.  I planted some tamters, eggplant and a chili pepper.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog I bought some tamaters plants from one of the plant shops in Satwa - what type they are is in question as the shop keepers only know that they are tamater plants - great!  But in the two weeks that I was away they have really taken off and doing well and started to make flowers. They are pretty thick stock near the base so I am thinking they might be a bush type. It looks like I need to decide on some sort of support system for them soon.   You might notice that they are not planted in a container.  There is this spot in the back of the house where the interbricking was removed some time back thinking I might plant a tree but never did so I decided to plant some tamaters there this year.

I placed a small/medium size container/pot (that had three holes in the bottom) in the middle of the three plants before going away for two weeks with the instruction that the pot should be filled with water each time they were watered (every other day).  Not was it only a fool-proof watering measurement device for someone who I suspected did not really know how much to water them but it also stops soil erosion from pouring water directly on the soil from a watering can. Until I get the drip system installed I am going to leave it there.

The eggplants are starting to make flowers but no fruit yet - the same problem for the past two years!!!  So it was off to the internet to look for answers.  Frist thing I found out was that my pot is too small apparently - the bigger the better - it was suggested a 5gal container here.  On the same site I found the problems and solutions to flowers but no fruit.  It can be the weather, no wind and/or watering stress - for more information click here.  As susgested I can pollinate them by hand using a clean paint brush (I will be using a cotton bud for cleaning ears).  Below is a picture of one of the flowers that has open recently. It is clear to see the female and male parts all together so I hope with a gentle touch I will help them along with out breaking anything off.  Keep you posted on what happens.

Next is the pepper/chili plant.  Lots of flowers and some purple looking friut starting.  While away it was  water by a dripper at the front of the house stuck in between some of Mrs. Bubba plants. Now I have moved it back into my area where it will get more sun as peppers plants like sun.  I am concerned by the color of the fruit - hoping this does not turn out to be some sort of ornamental chili plant!!!

Do any of you chili eaters recognize this plant/fruit at this stage?  This is another plant I bought at a nursery while Mrs. Bubba was looking for her flowers - and AGAIN all they can tell me is it is a Chili plant!

Any comments are welcome.  I am still trying to figure out how to reply to them in the comment box - hopefully I will figure it out soon.  You would think Google here in the UAE would hold some seminars on how to blog using their Blogger system but I don't think they do.  If anybody know better or can suggest a place or site that can help I am all ears!

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