Monday, November 14, 2011

Companion Planting

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What is a companion planting you might be wondering?  Well, I can tell you it is not a bunch of friends getting together to plant their plants.  It is planting different plants together that will benefit each other in some way.  Here is Wilipedia defination of it and here is a list of companion plants by Wikipedia.  But, I am here today to talk about only one particluar companion plant.

Companion plants can help each other with nutrient uptake, pest control and pollination.  It is pollination that I am writing about today.

Alyssum is a good plant to mix with your vegetable plants. The bees love it and hopefully the bees will then visit your other plants and thus help with pollination.  I was out at Dubai Festival City the other day and came across some white alyssum (some are blue/purple color) so I bought some to to mix up with my plants.  As you can see these are small but when they grow can get to about 10"-12" in diameter depending on the pot size.

Oh, by the way they smell real good too!!!

Marigolds also make good companion plant in pest control but if planted in the ground as the chemicals are released through the roots directly into the ground.

If you really are interested in this - I suggest you take the time to read the list of companion plants on Wikipedia located here.

Anybody have any other suggestion on other companion plants?

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  1. I had good luck growing alyssum from seed this year, and now it seems to be reseeding itself! I cut back the spent blooms and the plants are putting on new leaves. We'll see how it does through the heat.

  2. Hi Ms. Red Pen,

    Just this morning, April 21st, my wife & I went to the Fish Market and I noticed here at the Rashidiya Road Interchange there is lots of white alyssum planted by the Dubai Municipialty. It seems to be a bit patchy but whatever is growing looks good ... Perhaps, it is close to it peak now. I will keep it in mind to trim mine back next year so then it might last a bit longer. I tried seeds once before but didn't have any luck with it so I just buy them in the market ... but it seems they come a bit late however.

    Thanks for the comment and be sure to let us know what happens after the summer.