Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Get out of here Sucker!!!

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Well if you have planted your tamaters awhile back then it just might be time to get rid of them suckers if you haven't already!

Of course, I do not mean get rid of the tamater plants but the suckers that are growing on them. 

Just a quick note:  For those of you that do not know - you can click on the pictures in all of my blogs to see a bigger image.  Unfortunately it does not apply with the videos. 

As in the picture above, Suckers (circled in grey) grow between the main growing stem and a leaf terminal.  Just pinch the sucker off with your fingers as instructed in the videos below or if you wear gloves because you don't want your hands to smell like a tamater plant then use a knife (be careful).

Why remove the suckers?  Well because as they mention in the videos it produces healthier plants, better & bigger fruit production, less competition for nutrients and better air circulation between the leaves thus reducing problems with diseases & fungi.  So, get in there and "Git rid of dem Suckers!"

But, as this next video tells you  - YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT TYPE OF TAMATER PLANT you have.  This is my problem now - I bought them at a shop in Satwa over a month ago now and no one at the shop could tell me anything more than that they are tamter plants.  So, I need to watch them for awhile to see if they are a Determinate or Indeterminate type of plants before I start removing suckers.  There is some other good info in this ten minute video as well.

Speaking of tamaters - here is a quick clip on the adventures of Tow Mater.

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