Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bell Peppers my @$$


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Well ...... to say the least I am bit pissed off  upset!!!  I wash my face every day and if I am going to go out and buy vegetable plants I even give it a pretty good scrubbing!  I look at it in the mirror and it looks clean ... there nothing else there but my ugly old mug ... so, how is it these plant vendors can still see "Sucker" written all over my face?!?

Does this look like a Bell Pepper to you?

Yes, it happened again!!!  I know I did not miss understand them or they misunderstand me as I used ICSL ... International Capsicum Sign Language.  I have been using it for a while now ... maybe the shopkeepers and I are having a dialect problem!

Here are the three signs I have used quite often:

The right one means a Small Pepper (use only the first segment of the index finger), the center one means a Long Pepper (be sure not to use your middle finger or they might think you want something else) and the right one means a Large Roundess Pepper (such as a Bell Pepper).

So where was the confusion?!?  The third sign doesn't look anything like the first two ... right? 
So, now I have plenty of  Bell Pepper Chili Pepper coming on due to my Pepper Pinching.  Yeah, I believed the pinching worked quite well ... the plants had lots of flowers (I was worried  those couple of cool spells we had were going to knock back some of the flowers) so now there are lots of ..... Bell Peppers ... Chili Peppers coming on.  I guess I can use them in a homemade organic based pesticide ... wait I just had a great idea! ... I can use it on plant shopkeppers instead ... I believe I get more satisfaction out of it!

So, what more can I say other than even though you might know ICSL as well as I do ... if you do not speak the shopkeepers language then it might be a good idea to not buy a pepper plant from them UNLESS you really wanted chili peppers to begin with ... because that is what you are going to get anyway!!!

Anyway, here is a short video of Gordon Ramsay's Chili pepper experiences:

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  1. In Hindi/Urdu, which most of the shopkeepers understand, bell peppers are 'Shimla mirch' (Mirch is the word for peppers or chillies and Shimla is a place associated with them)
    Chili peppers are 'hari (pronounced 'hurry', meaning 'green')mirch.
    Hope this helps; better luck next time:)

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Thank you very, very, very much for your comment. I wish I knew this earlier, it would have saved me from alot of furstration and dissappointment. And for the rest of you non- Hindi/Urdu speakers - we can't claim ignorance anymore.

      Again Thanks!