Saturday, October 22, 2011

Size Does Matter!!!


Well that old saying Size does matter is true as I found out lately.

I planted two eggplants seedlings I bought at a garden shop about two weeks ago.  I planted both of them at the same time - one in a cloth bag to see what happens and the other in a black plastic pot painted white that is larger than the cloth bag.  Well as you can see the one in the plastic pot is doing better.  The reason I planted one in the cloth bag is me trying to be green.  I heard about some tree huggers doing this sort of stuff trying but maybe in bigger bags - like flour bags. 

Here are some folks that find all sort of alternative containers to plant veggies in -

I also bought a couple more tamater plants ( do not know what kind as the shop assistant has no idea what type they are) and some sort of chili pepper plant a couple of day ago.  I let the shop assistant select the tamater plants and when I got home found that each pot had two seedlings .  This is a problem if you try to seperate them because you will damage the roots and they will both die.  If you plant them as they are they will be competing with each other all the time and you will have a smaller yield.  So, what to do?  Watch them closely for a couple of day and then decide which one is the stronger of the two and cut off the other one.  DO NOT PULL IT OUT - CUT IT OUT!!!  You will just damage the roots of the other one by pulling on it.  Below are the ones I bought and shows one where I removed one of the seedlings.  Remember when you plant your tamater seedlings you need to bury it in the soil up to the small two leaves at least.  All of the small white hairs near the bottom of the plant will turn into roots as well.  You could even remove the two small leaves and plant it deeper if you want - it's up to you.

Thanks for stopping by - hope this was helpful. I will be away for a couple of weeks and hopefully upon my return I will be able to really start with my planting - I'll keep you posted.


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