Thursday, April 19, 2012

Important Information


Welcome to my blog about growing vegetables in containers in Dubai, the UAE and/or the Arabian Gulf region.
I was googling for some information about vegetable gardening in this area and came across a 151 page PDF document  that came out in 2007 called " Growing Vegetables & Useful UAE Climate Information" compiled by Saqer bin Zayed S. Al Nehayyan. 
It is not about growing vegetables in containers but  it is about vegetable gardening here in the UAE so there is going to be a whole lot of helpful information.   It is very comprehensive, there is a planting calendar, all types of conversion charts & tables, temperture chart, Vegetables from A-Z and how to grow them, a section on herbs, a section on Hydroponic production ... as I said 151 pages of useful information.  I have not read the whole document, as I just found it, but I am going to download it and look at it when I have the time.  But, I thought I would share it with you now before I forget  to do it later (oldtimer is creeping in with age). 
Hope it is useful to some of you.
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  1. thanks soooooo much for this!

  2. Thank you very much for sharing. It is so frustrating to surf the Internet to find gardening information that is not applicable to the desert.